Development programmes

Corporate Mentorship Program

At RSB, we have a panel of mentors who are senior executives from various leading companies. Each mentor is assigned a small group of students to take under their wings. The mentor plays a vital role in shaping the individual by guiding them throughout their journey at RSB. The mentor collaborates with the students at various strategic intervals and provides his expert advice and guidance to help the student excel in industry preparedness as well as academics. The Corporate Mentorship Program gives the student a sense of confidence to go out and face the world on his/her own.


Mr.Antony Amalraj – Senior Marketing Manager, Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited.

”Kanishya played a vital role in identifying the main reasons for low sales, in interacting with the sales team and in driving the numbers. She also collected the feedback from the store managers and spotted the areas for improvement. She has shown the zeal to work and to drive results. With efforts in improved ideating skills contributing to operational efficiency, she will be a treasure to any organization that she will serve”

Mr. Saptarshi Biswas – Sr. Specialist – Pre-sales & Solutions Hitachi Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.

”[His] contribution was significant and very relevant to our organization’s line of business. Sai is doing a great job. He just needs to keep it up.”

Management Development Programs

Management or executive development is a prominent area of human resource management and was previously known as the management revolution. Management Development Programme (MDP) is a course designed to strengthen the relationship between managers at all levels (subordinate to executive management). The aim of this programme is to transform managers belonging to intermediate management level into successful leaders. This enables employees at a managerial level to gain the ability to motivate others, thereby, allowing them to effectively manage their teams.

Objectives of a Management Development Programme
  • Inducing capabilities to supervise, organise, plan, lead and motivate thereby, enhancing knowledge and skills;
  • Developing mutual trust, cooperation and understanding to foster teamwork;
  • Improving decision-making abilities with regards to customer satisfaction, relation with employees and vendors and productivity of the organisation;
  • Ensuring personal growth which involves increasing the tenure of managerial employees and shaping their future career by giving them the space to grow;
  • Developing succession plans to generate future managerial positions within the organisation;
  • Preparing new business expansion strategies;
  • Promoting high morale and good organisational environment to enhance productivity and profits.