How Storytelling Helps

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This engaging and interactive workshop will teach you to use storytelling techniques to enhance your understanding of human behaviour at work. The workshop will enable you and your team to use storytelling as a skill-set to analyse the psychology, engagement and empathy aspects of your communication. The overarching goal is to expose participants to an effective framework for gaining valuable insights into the WHY, WHAT and HOW of Storytelling and thereby understand the process behind crafting a great story. The knowledge and application of this craft transforms managers into leaders.

Programme Highlights

  • Introductory Session and Icebreaking followed by Brief on Workshop structure & Team formation
  • Why stories? (The why)
  • Telling the right story (The what)
  • The seven organisational narratives
  • Telling the story right (The how)
  • Videos, activities, life-examples
  • Exercises and presentations by Teams/groups.
  • Opportunities for follow-on learning, including one-on-one coaching and additional content.


  • Building credibility, trust and psychological safety
  • Creative risk-taking
  • Listening & responding without judgement
  • Identify, articulate, analyze organizational behaviour
  • Persuasive Communication
  • To Aligning individual and organisational goals
  • Conflict resolution
  • Process execution
  • Resource management
  • Innovation
  • To align individual creativity with team creativity
  • Out of the box thinking


Be heard, be remembered and create the change you wish to see in your career with dynamic and inspiring storytelling.

This programme will provide you with practical guidelines, step-by-step, for crafting unforgettable stories to use throughout your career. In both video lectures and other various kinds of exercises, you'll find the nitty-gritty tips and tools of a foolproof process you can use for creating story after story. After taking this course, you will always know how to bring dry facts and figures to life, make them visualized. You'll know how to strategize sustained attention of the audience. You will master the art of building an emotionally resonant arc for your brand biographies, your personal anecdotes for professional networking and your vision-into-action stories for presentations.


The workshop will also help participants:

  • Understand the importance of storytelling in management and leadership
  • Understand the power of storytelling in building organisational processes and achieving organisational goals. For instance, exploring the role of storytelling in:
    • Building an organisational culture
    • Persuasion and influence
    • Conflict management
    • Exercising emotional intelligence
    • Communicating leadership vision
  • Understand the power of storytelling in achieving organisational goals. For instance, exploring the role of storytelling in:
    • Working with resource constraints
    • Making brands come to life
    • Effective sales
    • Managing client relationships
  • Learn the techniques associated with storytelling, creative visualisation and film-making as a useful means to understand and present issues related to management and leadership


The workshop is largely experiential. In addition to in­-depth discussions based on case studies, management games, theatrical exercises and role-plays will be used to engage participants in the learning process. In particular, live cases based on real situations will be analysed to understand how individual stories create organisational narratives, processes and outcomes. Various methods of storytelling and creative visualisation (especially script­ creation and film-making techniques) will be discussed.

The workshop will also include both individual and group work. Small teams of participants will work on creating short videos on different topics relevant to management and leadership. Participants will thereby also be exposed to the nuances of making organisational data come alive in the form of interesting stories which can create a deeper emotional connection with target audiences.

The workshop will include guest sessions by leaders from corporate/non-government sector and/or Directors, Producers or Artists from film-industry.


Storytelling empowers us to build “bridges of connection” with our stakeholders, creating trust and understanding through shared experiences. Storytelling helps us to build context for change, engage key stakeholders, by enhancing curiosity, and humanizing complex ideas & data.

Be acquainted with techniques involved in storytelling, script-creation, visualisation of scripts, and translation of stories to movies.

Showcase management concepts and issues through films.

Understand the overt and covert processes that engender and impact relationships and performance at mutliple levels in your organisation.

Recognise the possibilities and opportunities that exist in your groups and team

Apply these insights to your work-life situations.

Observe Results.

About the Faculty

Mr. Kandaswamy Bharathan

With a Post-Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) from IIM Ahmedabad (1978) and rich experience of about 10 years in leading MNCs, Mr. Bharathan brings experience, business acumen and a home-grown passion for the media. In 1990, he forayed into the media & entertainment industry with the well-known production house, Kavithalayaa, based in Chennai. Having been the executive producer of several Award-winning Tamil films such as Roja, Sindhu Bhairavi, Muthu among others, he brings a rare combination of creative competencies with core management insights from the entertainment industry. In 2008, he was invited by IIMA to design and deliver a course on the business of the Indian Film industry, to be a part of flagship Post-Graduate Programme of the Institute. The course, a first of its kind in IIMs, has been recognised as an Innovation in management education by both the entertainment industry and academia. Mr. Bharathan is a regular speaker at the events of CII, FICCI and AMA, within India. He also accepts invitations from prestigious B-schools in the USA to speak on the Indian entertainment business. Apart from teaching, Bharathan conducts executive education and training programmes with the objective of helping corporate and non-corporate organisations gain knowledge and insight from the best practices in the creative industries.

Dr. Tanusree Chakraborty

is an Associate Professor at Rajalakshmi School of Business in Organizational Behaviour and Human Resource Management Area, with Ph.D in Applied Psychology. Dr. Chakraborty has been associated with the academic for the past 16 years. She facilitated approx.120 sessions for both public and private sector organizations in the areas of behavioural science and psychometric testing. She has handled MDPs with Axis Bank, Indian Oil Corporation, NTPC, NHPC, Jindal Power and Steel Corp., DVC, TATA AIG, Exide Industries, Power Grid Corporation, Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd etc.